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    · Better-than-expected employment report, gold futures fell 6.9 U.S. dollars (2010.1.19)
    · Zhongchen Futures: Copper & consumer buying slightly lower emergent (2010.1.19)
    · Cu-Zn side by side lower limit short dump (2010.1.19)
    · Zambia's Luanshya Copper Mine in 2010 is expected copper production will reach 100,000 tons (2010.1.19)
    · Zhonghui Futures: LME copper futures continued to rebound in the proposed long jiacang (2010.1.19)
    · Capital Futures: The most active Shanghai rebound rate cut is expected to increase and promote external disk back on 7000 (2010.1.19)
    · Members suggested that the implementation of Yuncheng strict procedures for granting mining, protection of mountain mountain (2010.1.19)
    · Shanghai Futures Exchange Quotes Daily (12.21) (2010.1.19)
    · November 30 Futures Market View (2010.1.19)
    · Ling Ying Copper Factory to celebrate the success of revision! (2010.1.19)
    · December 21 Yangtze River Nonferrous Metals Spot Trading Quotes (2010.1.19)
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